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Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

A boy named Jin discovers his Uncle Nabu using magic to spread chaos across the kingdom, turning everyone, including his brother Zeke, into animals. While trying to stop Nabu, Jin gets turned into a pig. Learning from the king's court magician, Mysticat, about a way to return everyone to normal, Jin goes on a quest to recover five animal orbs from across the kingdom. Upon doing so, however, Mysticat takes the orbs from Jin and uses them to open the gateway to the Dark Realm for his master Lord Xaros, who had been manipulating Nabu to do his bidding. Venturing into the Dark Realm, Jin confronts Xaros and, with the help of his friends and the spirits of past Wonder Boys, manages to defeat him, restoring the kingdom to normal.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

The final piece of the character progression puzzle is, of course, equipment. While not every form makes use of the gear collected throughout the game, the ones that do will instantly find a wide array of utility. From boots that melt ice blocks or provide a double jump, to swords that shoot fireballs and create platforms, the game constantly surprises you with new abilities and new ways to fight monsters and explore the world around you. Not only that, but collectibles scattered around the world allow you to pick and choose which equipment you want to upgrade with additional abilities to enhance your experience.

The game has a new protagonist, Jin, who one day discovers his uncle Nabu drunk as a skunk, flying on a barrel, wielding a magic wand, transforming people into monsters and otherwise wreaking havoc. Then Jin gets turned into a pig.

I've been excited to play this game since back when it was called "Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze" and last year's fantastic remake Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap made me look forward to it even more. Now that I've finally played through it, I can thankfully say that the wait was worth it as this is one of the best video games that I've ever experienced. You play as a young blue-haired boy named Jin who's on a mission to stop his nutty Uncle Nabu from continuing his magic-fueled rampage of converting the kingdom's citizens to different species as well as other shenanigans. From the awesome opening music video to the story's introduction, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom sets a perfect tone for the rest of the fun-filled adventure. This is truly the Wonder Boy game that fans deserve. v1d30chumz 185-108-106-163

Price: $39.99Allows Nintendo Video Capture: YesPlatform: Nintendo SwitchRelease Date: Dec 04, 2018No. of Players: 1Category: Puzzle, Platformer Publisher: FDG EntertainmentDeveloper: Game AtelierWebsite: www.monsterboy.comTwitter: @FDG_GamesDownload link: eShop

Transforming into different monsters is the big selling point of Monster Boy. Jin acquires six different monster transformations throughout the game that allow him to do unique things not only when it comes to combat but also through exploration.

What bothered me about switching to different monster forms was that the game pauses and comes up with a window for you to select the form you want. I wish I could just tap a button and cycle through the different forms. It just breaks up the pace constantly having to pause the game to change your form.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a great game. The monster changing mechanic adds a lot to all aspects of the game and none of the six transformations go to waste. Monster Boy also proves that the metroidvania style of exploration is at its best when it comes to 2D platformers.


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