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The mouse is carefully shaken in the palm of the operator, the air removed with a syringe and a small incision is made in the linea alba (not shown). (A) The PMC-containing solution is withdrawn from the peritoneal cavity using a Pasteur pipette and (B) placed into a sterile Falcon tube.

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The mouse extremities are fixed with needles for subsequent surgery steps (not shown). (A) Thereafter, the skin is removed to expose the legs and (B) the muscle tissue is separated and discarded.

(A) After disconnection of the legs from the body, the bones are finally put on ice and (B) the last steps of BMMCs preparation performed under a sterile cell culture hood. (C-F) The bone marrow from tibia and femur are flushed out of the bone by extensive rinsing with BMMC medium and collected. (G) The resulting hollowed and gnawed bones that have a pale appearance after removal of the bone marrow cells are discarded.

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The anatomy and histology of the respiratory, nervous, reproductive, alimentary, excretory, and circulatory systems of adult male and female Antricola mexicanus Hoffmann are described. The respiratory system has a functional ostium which appears to be controlled by hemolymph pressure. No pores were seen in the spiracular plate, and six main tracheal trunks extend from the atrium. The nervous system consists of pre- and post-esophageal divisions. The preesophageal division contains the protocerebrum, cheliceral ganglia, pedipalpal ganglia, and stomodeal bridge. Paired nerves radiate from the protocerebrum, cheliceral ganglia, and pedipalpal ganglia while an unpaired nerve extends from the stomodeal bridge. The post-esophageal division contains four pair of pedal ganglia, a fused opisthosomal ganglion, and olfactory lobes which are specialized areas of the first pedal nerve neuropile. Pedal nerves extend from each pedal ganglion and branch to innervate the legs and body musculature. Paired opisthosomal nerves radiate from the opisthosomal ganglion, and the olfactory lobes receive axons which presumably arise from Haller's organ. Peripheral nerves extend from between adjacent pedal ganglia and from the area between the fourth pedal ganglion and the opisthosomal ganglion. In the male reproductive system, intercellular bridges were seen connecting adjacent primary spermatocytes in the testis. The bridges continued into the secondary spermatocyte stage. Asynchronous division occurs in the testicular cysts. The accessory gland consists of 12 granular and 2 spongy lobes. The spongy lobes also contained some secretory products. A previously unreported duct connects the accessory gland with the ejaculatory duct. In the female reproductive system, mature ova are found on the external surface of the posterior portion of the ovary and are connected to the lumen via tube-like passageways formed by cuboidal epithelial cells. No sperm were visible in the ovary. Sperm were observed inside the epithelial cells lining the ampulla, and brokendown sperm v/ere abundant in the lumen. One or two endospermatophores v/ere normally present in the uterus with eight being the largest number observed. The paired genital accessory glands open into the dorsal surface of the vestibular vagina. The alimentary system has no buccal cavity, and the labrum functions as a prepharyngeal valve. The salivary glands consist of nongranular (type I) and granular (type II) alveoli. One cell type was observed in both types of alveoli. Possible osmoregulatory roles are discussed. The midgut consists of a central pouch and seven pair of diverticula. Three cell types were present in the midgut epithelium. The connecting tube appears to have no digestive function. No rickettsiae were visible in the malpighian tubules. The paired coxal organs consist of a tubular, alveolar structure, a sacculus, and a duct leading to the external opening between coxae I and II. No cuticular structure supports the lumen of the alveolar structure, and the sacculus opens directly into the alveolar structure. One pair of ostia is present in the heart, and two types of hemocytes observed.

The adult is 1.5-1.8 mm long (about 2.5 mm including the wings). The head between the eyes, the antennae, the top of the 'scutellum', and the last part of the thorax are all yellow (Photo 3). The rest of the thorax, and the abdomen, are black on top (Photo 4). The fly is similar to Liriomyza sativae (see Fact Sheet no. 262). The life cycle is 3-4 weeks at 30C. Females puncture the surface of the leaves with their ovipositors, the tubes used for egg laying, and either lay an egg at the wounded site or feed on the juices released. Males cannot puncture leaves, and so they, as well as the females, take nectar from flowers.

Look for the yellow and black flies moving rapidly over the leaf surface. Look at the head, antennae and the first segment of the legs, which are bright yellow. The several species of Liromyza are similar and require taxonomic expertise to tell them apart.

Just as each child grows and matures at different rates and at different times, so does that same child as it begins its life in the womb. The chart below provides benchmarks for most normal pregnancies. However, each fetus develops differently.

The female and male morphology is externally very similar at the pupal stage, with a significant difference only in the length of the rostrum, which is longer in the female and its apex extends to the middle of the second tarsal segment of the prolegs; in the male the rostrum is short and its apex extends to the end of the first segment.

Head: Head capsule with 2 pairs of sos. Female rostrum longer (ca. 0.68 mm), broader in middle with 1 pair brs, 2 pairs drs and 1 pair es, and extends to end of segment II of first pair of legs. All setae on rostrum short, spinescent (Figures 7, 8).

In the fourth week, the embryonic heart starts beating. The neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, forms. At this point, a woman has likely only been aware of her pregnancy for one week. 041b061a72


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