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downloads all available files from the fsxorbxweatherthemesutility, creates a zip archive with all files and stores in c:\program files\dynamics\fsxorbx (or c:\program files\dynamics\x-plane if you created a zip archive with the exluded feature . fsxorbxweatherthemesexcluded can be used to install files for customized weather tool sets. fsxorbxweatherthemesetup sets up the fsxorbxweatherthemes utility. fsxorbxweatherthemesunpack unpacks all files from the zip archive into the appropriate location. fsxorbxweatherthemesutility creates a folder structure in the fsuxorbxweatherthemes location and then unpacks files into that folder structure. fsxorbxweatherthemesutilitysetup configures the fsxorbxweatherthemes utility. fsxorbxweatherthemesutilityuninstall deletes the fsxorbxweatherthemes utility. fsxorbxweatherthemesversion gets a list of the files included with the fsxorbxweatherthemes utility as well as the name and version number of each file. q: what should my motherboard be to work on old computer? (intel celeron m 9550e) i have a p4 celeron m, 32mb and 4gb ram. this is old, so i am thinking to get a motherboard to make it work, but am not sure which motherboard to get. the mobo i have in mind right now is as follows: msi k9n3-g/si features i would like: 1. vga card that works with laptop (atleast 10 years old) 2. 4 or 8 core atleast, 4gb is not strict requirement 3. a mobo that does not use much power (because that laptop was always turned off) a: i don't know if your p4 celeron is 3.5ghz or not, but if you are, then you need to go with the highest possible clock speed, which is 3.6ghz here. also go for a board with 4 or more cores, as your processor should run at full speed if possible. you also need to think about what the video card is, as it may be a bottleneck, and you should check the manual for that particular model to find out how it supports upgradeable video ram.



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