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Buying Kplc Tokens

Through the notice, the utility firm limited the purchase of tokens to their approved M-Pesa pay bill numbers, 888880 and 888888, USSD code *977# and their banking halls in different parts of the country.

buying kplc tokens


A few weeks back, Kenya Power announced that its customers can only buy tokens or pay their bills through M-Pesa. The company said that third party apps (including banking apps) will no longer be used to buy tokens or to pay your Kenya Power bill. Customers will only be able to use the 888880 paybill number from now on. This is for those buying Kenya Power tokens, prepaid customers will only use the 888888 paybill number.

Not every Kenyan is buying the expensive electricity tokens from Kenya Power. Some rogue Kenya Power employees have established a pre-paid token selling syndicate through which some consumers secure tokens more than ten times their value.

A Nation investigation has unearthed the fresh token scandal at the cash-strapped utility firm that has raised concerns that Kenya Power could be losing more millions every week to an intricate web that has seen buyers get more than their rightful share of power tokens.

"We are aware that some unscrupulous members of the public have approached unsuspecting electricity consumers purporting to sell discounted illegitimate tokens. We are carrying out investigations into this issue with the intention to institute criminal proceedings against anyone found culpable of facilitating this illegal activity," Kenya Power said.

This had me curious as to why an amount of money (Kshs 200) that had served me so well previously had gotten me such a small number of units. What I came to find out is that there is a fixed charge of Kshs 150 that is subtracted from your first transaction of the month. When I inevitably bought another Kshs 200 worth of tokens, I received 28.3 units.

Take the month I had illustrated above as an example. I had currently used 28.3+3.7= 32.0 units. If I was to buy another Kshs 200 worth of tokens and received another 28.3 units, they would be billed as follows:

Jazapay is another platform that allows you to pay your electricity bills quickly. The platform is also secure and safe. You can use the app to pay your electricity bills and use it to make several other payments like buying airtime.

VendIT is also another reputable platform to buy your KPLC tokens easily online. This platform works just like the other platforms mentioned in this post. To pay your bills easily, you can also use Mpesa using the paybill number 501200.

Sometimes, KPLC prepaid clients face technical issues from prepaid token paybill number 888880. Therefore, it is beneficial to have alternative ways to pay for their electricity tokens. This text will give you a List of alternative KPLC Paybill Numbers to buy tokens. In case of KPLC token paybill number breaking down, there are several alternative KPLC paybill numbers to buy tokens that one can use to pay for the KPLC Tokens. Here are the options below.

KPLC tokens can be very frustrating at times due to inconveniences caused by the delay. When Dynamo pawa was launched, they vowed to change this narrative but from what I have been observing lately, Dynamo Pawa as a company has outlived its purpose. When Dynamo Pawa was launched some time back, it promised Kenyans convenience when it came to purchasing KPLC tokens via M-Pesa.

For the better part of 2018, the company was delivering its promise until late 2018 when I started to receive tons of comments from my esteemed readers expressing their discontent towards Dynamo tokens. From the comments on this article, it is clear that Dynamo Pawa has relegated its promise to Kenyans.

Since I believe in giving people value, I have decided to eliminate Dynamo pawa from my list of convenient companies you could buy tokens from. From my experience, the fastest way of buying KPLC tokens today has been through the KPLC pay bill number 888880.

I stopped using Dynamo after I was frustrated just like you guys and the KPLC PAYBILL number 888880 has been my GO TO. Upon purchasing the token using the Paybill number 888880, KPLC sends the tokens almost immediately and the longest I have had to wait is 5 minutes.

Okoa Stima is a service that offers customers both on Pre-Pay and Post-Pay a one-stop-shop for all their power access needs. Okoa Stima offers services such as account registration, payment of power bills, purchase of tokens, bill querying and presentment, and access to emergency power top up.

Okoa Stima is charged a facility fee of 10% of value of the top up meaning you will receive tokens worth 10% less the amount requested. For example, if you request KShs. 1,000, you will receive top up worth KShs. 900, with KShs. 100 retained as facilitation fee.

Kenya Power has over 4 million consumers on prepaid meters as the Company transitions to advanced technology that makes it easier for customers to purchase electricity. While buying tokens, if you make a blunder of overpayment, do not panic Kplc process the refunds in case of an overpayment. 041b061a72


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